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Pigmentation Problems

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The most common problems we see at Skin Resus are those related to abnormal pigmentation. Fortunately, almost all of these are benign. Of course, no-one should forget that any pigment spot that is changing, large or irregular needs to be checked by your doctor. Stand back from the mirror - any spot that stands out as being different deserves your attention.      


The most common benign pigment spots are: 

  •  Lentigines: these are light brown, mostly regular in outline and in sun exposed areas. They are like freckles of older skin.
  • Moles or naevi: these are mostly darker and quite well defined brown spots and occur at all ages. Having many of these is a risk for melanoma, and this condition runs in families.
  • Seborrhoeic keratoses: light brown to grey flat or slightly raised, they are often quite large and are commonly seen on the temples, forehead, back, tummy and legs.
  • Hormonal pigmentation (melasma or chloasma): this is a very common problem mostly affecting women from age 20-50. It is often seen as patches of light brown discolouration on the upper cheeks, temples and across the upper lip.
  • Post-inflammatory pigmentation: any injured area of skin can pigment afterwards; for example, after cuts, grazes or burns. This pigmentation often fades with time, but can be stubborn.

At Skin Resus we have a range of treatment options for pigment problems, including medical-strength IPL, skin care and the Fraxel and Revlite Lasers. The Fraxel Dual is a fantastic option for either resistant pigmentation (such as hormonal pigmentation and post-inflammatory pigmentation), those wanting a good "shedding" and rejuvenation, or for treating any pigmentation on darker skin types. Results are seen after a week and often only one treatment is required.

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Brig's Erbium Blog - 4 weeks on

Thursday, September 12, 2013

It is now 4 weeks exactly since I had my Erbium treatment &  I am thrilled with the tightness, plumpness & freshness of my skin’s texture & appearance. I have been hoping it wasn’t just swelling & it would lapse back to how it was, but now 4 weeks later I am sure it’s here to stay.  


I have had some hyper pigmentation (darkening of my skin) appear under my eye & a small area on my jaw line that we are treating with a pigment fading cream that the Doctor has prescribed. I am very prone to this (more than the average person).  I did say earlier I wouldn’t hesitate to do this treatment again & I still wouldn’t hesitate and I am looking forward to reporting to you after another month of collagen stimulation. They say it really looks its best 3 – 6 months after your treatment.

Warmest regards,  


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Brig's Erbium Blog - 2 weeks

Thursday, September 05, 2013
I am looking much, much better! It is now 2 weeks since my Erbium treatment,  still quite red though & all the remaining skin has finished flaking off & the last of the scabbing(!) has also come away. The redness  will remain & improve each day but it can take any where up to 6 weeks, and of course the collagen stimulation will keep improving the texture & look of my skin! Can't wait :)

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Brig's Erbium blog - Day 7

Friday, August 16, 2013

The human body’s ability to heal is nothing short of Amazing. It is  just 7 days since having my  Erbium Laser treatment it’s looking completely clear - just a tiny bit of old skin still on my upper lip and below my right eye, plus a slight pinkiness overall. The texture & appearance is dewy & smooth, the lines have reduced remarkably & definitely firmer all over.    

I will have a couple more LED lights to help with the colour, but from now it will keep getting better in appearance & texture with the Collagen stimulation. If you are considering having it done, feel free to have a chat to me about it. I have absolutely no regrets and I really feel I have received BIG results :) I'm very pleased!Have a lovely evening, Brigx

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Brig's Erbium Blog - Day 6

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I've had more flaking skin over the last 24 hrs - probably 95% of the old skin has gone now, revealing a lovely smooth pink skin.  I could probably pop some mineral makeup on to cover this. We stock the Jane Iredale mineral makeup @ Skin Resus,  and are always happy to apply some for you and give you a tester pot to help you get back to your daily routine & work schedule. It’s not ideal to purchase the foundation in the 1st week or two after your treatment, as your skin tone will change again over the following week or so, but certainly a couple of weeks later ask one of our team to colour match you to the perfect colour for you. It is a fantastic makeup & very easy to apply, with great coverage but without the heavy feeling or cakey look. 


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Brig's Erbium Blog - Day 4

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel todayMy skin is drier with less tightness  & lots  of old skin peeling off, with new pink skin visible in patches yay!!. The angry redness is now to a pink level all over, and on the chin my skin is a pale pink colour. Where David went deep with many passes under my eyes & top lip, and this is still a little mucky, with a build-up of old skin. I imagine this will be the last area to clear up. I will continue with the Dimalux treatment daily to minimise the redness.    

Have a great day,  Brig x

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Brig's Erbium Blog - Day 5

Sunday, August 11, 2013

I returned to work today (Saturday) and  had a lovely time catching up with our Erbium clients M, J & L (unfortunately I didn’t get to see you J, hopefully on Monday), as they popped in for their Dimalux LED light treatment. We shared our experiences, from the treatment through the days after, to where they are now - most left with only a bit of redness. I’m at the end of the line of healing as I was the very last Erbium David did before heading off on his holiday, however it won’t take long now. Lots of the old skin came off during my shower this morning revealing lovely new pink skin. Again just under the eyes and top lip are slower to come off due to the number of passes David did over this area.  

Trish suggested a morning tea for all our Erbium clients to catch up together and have a chat about our treatment - maybe clients who are thinking about having it done could join us too!  Enjoy your weekend :) Warmest regards, Brig x

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Brig's Erbium Blog - Day 3

Friday, August 09, 2013
The swelling has definitely reduced over night. It has a slight smell from the slough on my upper lip which is a bit yukky but  keep it clean & dry.  The skin is a lot more pinker today underneath, and I think after my shower this morning some of the old skin will come off :)  Still a little tender to touch when cleaning. I'll have another Dimalux LED light this morning and that will speed things up. Have a lovely day Brigx

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Brig's Erbium Blog - Day 2

Thursday, August 08, 2013

There’s a bit more swelling today – I virtually have 2 slits to peek out of! Face feeling a bit achy: obviously the more active you are it seems to swell & throb, so a restful day from now until all the swelling goes down . I’m cleaning the area 4 times daily and then applying Vaseline. This softens the tightness and helps to protect against infection.  

I made a big mistake forgetting to put my headband on before sleeping, so when I woke this morning my hair had gone onto both sides of my face caking into the Vaseline & skin that had dried overnight. We are ordering disposable headbands that we can send home with you & also we will include some disposable hair nets for your use to prevent this happening to you. Lots of flaking skin under my eyes  & top lip today quite gunky looking where David had done multiple passes, so Donna has given a good clean this morning before my LED treatment.

After your Erbium we send you home with a bag that includes some medication for preventing cold sores/ gauze/cleanser/post care instructions/Vaseline/spatulas/panadeine forte/disposable gloves/hair nets/headbands & moisturiser to use from day 4 so you have everything you will need to use at home for your post care.

Off home to relax. Have a great day, Brig x

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Brig's Erbium Blog - Day 1

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Showered & washed my hair as some of it had crusted around the hairline & eyebrows I cleansed it with gauze & water. Feels very tight, looks very puffy & swollen, bit oozy & pigmentation has gone very dark. Looks like I have a 2nd head!  

Off to Skin Resus for a Dimalux LED light treatment. This will help with healing & redness. Donna checks over my face to make sure it looks clean and free from infection & takes some photo’s.

I will write a little tomorrow & take some more photo’s and pop in to have my daily Dimalux  & one of our lovely Nurses will keep a close eye on how the skin is looking and healing. For the pain that I went thru, it really is tolerable & with the professional staff  that are @ Skin Resus you will be absolutely fine. Even on day 1 when I am looking & feeling my worst knowing exactly how it felt, I would do it all again & recommend it ( ha easy to say now it’s done & I won’t be needing another one)!

Keep watching & if any of our Erbium patients are tuning in I would like to say to you that I have the utmost new respect for you & thank you to everyone who wished me well.

Please send us your thoughts & story about your Erbium treatment experience @ Skin Resus, we would love to hear about it.

If your new & haven’t been to Skin Resus & are wanting to know more about the Erbium, gives us a call and make an appointment for a free skin consultation with one of our Registered Nurses. We would love to meet & have a chat about your concerns & our treatments. We have some before & afters too we could show you.

Have a great day all,


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