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New LiLash Stockists in Perth!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

I once woke from a night out. I looked in the mirror and saw an enormous black spider on my cheek. I frantically ran through the house screaming, hopping up and down and slapping myself in the face. I can still remember the stunned expression on my kids’ faces. 

It turns out it was a false eyelash stuck to my cheek. 

Let’s leave false eyelashes where they belong - in the 70s or beaten to a hairy little pulp in the bin in my kitchen.

May's Product of the Month at Skin Resus is LiLash and LiBrow.

Usually $110, for this month only you can get LiLash or LiBrow for only $89
OR buy Lilash and LiBrow together for $160.
Use code LIPACK before you checkout.  Valid until 31st May 2017

We’re all fluttering our long luscious lashes with excitement at Skin Resus as proud LiBrow and LiLash stockists in Perth. LiLash is a line of serums that deliver long curly eyelashes and bold thick eyebrows in weeks - and it works. 

  • It’s safe. 
  • It’s easy to use. 
  • Results in just a few weeks. 

LiLash is physician-formulated serum that has been ophthalmologist tested, making it safe for those with sensitive eyes or contact lenses. (Does that mean it's tested on ophthalmologists instead of animals?)

How to use LiLash Eyelash Serum 

  • Apply LiLash to clean, dry skin in the morning or at night.
  • Apply the LiLash along the lash line of your upper eyelid, as you would with liquid eyeliner).  
  • Put it on the top lash only, as you blink it spreads to the lower lashes. Wait three minutes before putting on makeup. 
LiLash Eyelash Serum is available in 3-month (2ml) or 6-month (4ml) treatment cycles. Perfectly portioned to eliminate waste 

How to use LiBrow Serum 
  • Apply LiBrow Serum to the skin under the arch of your eyebrow and directly onto sparse or patchy areas.  
  • As with LiLash, wait three minutes before applying other products. 
  • Botanical tinting agent gently and gradually darkens brow hair as it grows. 
  • LiBrow is available in 3-month (3 mL) or 6-month (6 mL) treatment. Size perfectly portioned to eliminate waste.
  • Not tested on animals (I think we can thank the ophthalmologists for that). 

Both LiLash and LiBrow are backed by a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee. 

Did you pluck your eyebrows into oblivion in the 90s? Have you poked yourself in the eye with tweezers while applying strand-by-strand false eyelashes? Looking for LiLash Stockists in Perth?   

Come and see us at Skin Resus, your LiLash stockists in Floreat, Perth. Check out the real life results on Instagram and Facebook #lilashworks

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