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The 5 most popular cosmetic treatments this Feb

Friday, February 24, 2017

We've been flat out this Fab Feb - just the way we like it! If you're wondering what everyone is getting done, here are the 5 most popular cosmetic treatments so far this month.  

There's only 5 days to go of Fab Feb and 20% off all Cosmetic Treatments, Makeup and Skin Care but don't panic. Book and pay for your cosmetic treatment in Feb and you have until 30 April to have your treatment and still get 20% off! We don't call it Fab Feb for nothing! 

1. Wrinkle Relaxers 

Before Wrinkle Relaxers  After Wrinkle Relaxers
Wrinkle relaxers are fairly painless and a very effective way to tackle frown lines, smile lines (nothing's that funny!), crow's feet, forehead wrinkles and smokers' lines. A series of tiny injections containing a naturally-occurring protein extract into facial muscles temporarily block the impulse from the nerve to the muscle. It takes effect in just a few days and  can last up to 4 months. 

Expect compliments like: 'Wow! Your skin looks lovely!', 'Wow! You look exactly the same as you did 20 years ago!' and 'Damn! I never should have let her go!'

Perfect for: School reunions, weddings, running into an ex-boyfriend and just looking fabulous. 

Find out more about Wrinkle Relaxers and book your free consultation. 

2. Underarm Hair Removal

Before IPL Underarm Hair Removal  After IPL Underarm Hair Removal
OK, if you haven't already heard of IPL permanent hair removal, prepare to have your mind blown. This stuff works! IPL stands for Intense Pulse Light, controlled flashes of intense filtered light are directed onto the skin. The melanin in dark hair absorbs the light converting it into heat which destroys the follicle. It usually takes around 6 to 8 treatments with sessions 4 to 6 weeks apart. It stings a bit but much less than waxing. 

Expect compliments like: 'Who is your waxer, she's a genius!' and 'Were you born completely hairless?'

Perfect for: Never shaving, bleaching, plucking or hiding your underarms again. Spontaneous waving without embarrassment. 

Find out all you need to know about IPL Permanent Underarm Hair Removal

3. Lip Fillers and Cheek Fillers 

Before Lip Fillers   After Lip Fillers
Lip fillers are one of the most popular treatments at Skin Resus and with good reason. We're not talking Kylie Jenner, a subtle lip augmentation or enhancement can restore fullness to lips, plump up thin lips and treat those tiny little lip wrinkles and smoker's lines. A fine needle is used to inject sterile gel into the lips and along the border and includes a local anaesthetic to take the sting out of it. Treatments last 4 to 8 months. 

Cheek fillers are much the same, the filler is injected with a small needle and reduces signs of ageing, restores facial fullness and lifts facial sagging. 

Expect compliments like: 'I must kiss you, immediately!' and 'I don't know what it is but you look FABULOUS!'

Perfect for: Removing those subtle, yet insidious little ageing signs like thin lips and sagging cheeks. Amazing before and after selfies. #skinresusbeforeandafter

Study up on  Lip Fillers and Cheek Fillers and come and see us for a free consultation.  

4.  Bikini Hair Removal and Brazilian Hair Removal 

My bikini wearing days are long gone and rather than the Brazilian, I'm cultivating more of a Madagascan jungle down there. But it's not too late for all of you. If you are still messing about with nightmarish six weekly waxing visits over summer, that can all end with 6 to 8 treatments of IPL bikini or Brazilian hair removal. It hurst less than waxing and it's permanent.

Perfect for: Spontaneously grabbing the bathers and heading to the beach - anytime, anywhere forever. 

Expect compliments like: 'Thank you.' 

Learn more about Bikini and Brazilian Hair Removal. 

5. Full Face Rejuvenation

Before IPL Freckle Removal  After IPL Freckles Removal
If you want to look as though you've been on a holiday at a spa retreat, this is the treatment for you. IPL face rejuvenation is A-MAY-ZING! It removes sun damage, pigmentation, freckles, sun spots, age spots, broken capillaries, rosacea, redness and stimulates the collagen in your skin. All of these little spots leave tired looking little marks on your face, a full face rejuvenation removes them all and plumps the skin at the same time. Giving you an overall healthy glow. 

Perfect for: Removing trouble spots like rosacea and redness. Giving your face a good all over rejuvenation. 

Expect compliments like: 'Hey, beautiful, marry me!' and 'Who is your travel agent? You look fabulous!'

Full Face Rejuvenation comes with a free consultation. Book now! 

Take advantage of Fab Feb 20% off all cosmetic treatments. Book and pay in the next 5 days and have your treatment any time from now until 30 April.

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10 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him and Her

Thursday, February 09, 2017
It can be the most romantic or the most depressing day of the year. Personally, when single, I dismiss it as a commercialised US tradition that I want no part of and buy myself a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates to cut out the middle man. 

Clearly there are a LOT of us celebrating this day though, with over 1 billion Valentine's Day cards exchanged every year. 

At Skin Resus, we have created a list of our top ten Valentine's Day gift ideas for him and her to take the pressure out of gift buying this Valentine's Day. Remember, it's Fab Feb at Skin Resus, which means 20% off all cosmetic treatments, skin care and make up. Just use the code FABFEB when shopping online. 

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas



Aspect Dr Skin Care Starter Kit 

Great skin is a gift that keeps on giving. This is the perfect pack to discover Aspect Dr's revolutionary results-driven skin care range. You get Deep Clean cleanser, Active C antioxidant serum, Exfol A Plus Retinol serum and Resveratrol anti-ageing Moisturiser for only $103.20 during Fab Feb. Use code FABFEB for 20% off Aspect Dr Starter Kit.  


Coopers Home Brew Kit

Beguile your beer-loving beloved with his very own Cooper's Home Brew Kit. Available at Dan Murphy's, KMart or BigW. 


 Fire Pit

Man like fire! Fire is good. Coddle his inner caveman with his very own fire pit. Bring out the blankets and snuggle under the stars. Prices from $29 to $369 at Bunnings. 

The gift of smooth skin

IPL Permanent hair reduction is the solution to shaving rash! Prices for front of neck treatment start at $140 per treatment, only $112 during Fab Feb. A course of treatments is required. 

Set of 3 Calvin Klein boxers

Who doesn't look good in Calvin's? Spoil your suitor with this thrifty 3 pack and it's a gift for you too! (Top tip: You can sneakily throw out some of those threadbare pairs.)  $67 from ASOS.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas 


Thermos 2 Person Picnic Backpack

Give your lady love this picnic pack filled with gourmet goodies, a bottle of wine and two outdoor cinema tickets tucked into the pocket and you have yourself a winning Valentine's Day combination. Am I right, ladies? 

Makeup for when she's not wearing makeup...

Does your Valentine's makeup obsession leave you clueless? This simple makeup combo from Jane Iredale includes a Tinted Moisturiser and a Tinted Lip Balm for dewey skin and kissable lips. Only $84 combined during Fab Feb. 


Milano Linen Doona Cover

Oh me, oh my, fresh linen! Dare to get your darling a new doona cover? The thread count of Milano linen will have her eager to sneak between the sheets. Not sure which design? Go for white and keep the receipt so she can exchange it for a preferred design. 



If you're sweetheart loves to sparkle, anything from Swarovski will make her swoon. You can thank us later, ladies. Top tip: Get a gift card or have a go and keep the receipt. Earrings can't be exchanged so unless you're sure, go for a necklace or bracelet. 

We advise you to tread carefully here. If you're beautiful beloved has regular underarm hair removal treatments, go ahead and shout her next treatment. Otherwise, go for a Gift Voucher so she can choose the treatment of her choice. Underarm hair removal from $165 to $126 during Fab Feb. 


What winning Valentine's Day gifts helped you woo your woman? What gift from Skin Resus would make your Valentine's Day? We'd love to hear your ideas for next year's list of Valentine's Day GIft Ideas. 

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