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Great Value Packages      

Power or 3 Peels Package     $400   Save $65
A course of 3 peels will give your skin a real boost!
3 Chemical Peels (excluding the Deep Sea Peel)

Sun Repair     $670  Save $235
Repair the damage Summer has wrought with one of our most popular packages
IPL Rejuvenation to face, neck and chest   

Smooth & Brighten (and Smooth & Brighten Lite)     $519 - 619  Save $150
A fantastic package of treatments to target sun damage and the early signs of ageing. Perfect before special occasions like birthdays and weddings or a yearly treat.
Smooth & Brighten - 1 Full Face IPL Rejuvenation + 1 area wrinkle relaxer (eg frown lines or crows feet) + Aspect Dr skin care Starter Kit
Smooth & Brighten Lite - 1 Full Face IPL Rejuvenation + 1/2 area wrinkle relaxer (eg forehead lines or light crows feet) + Aspect Dr skin care Starter Kit

New You     $1595  Save $280
The recipe for great skin - this powerful combination smoothes lines and evens skin tone
1 Full Face PhotoDynamic Rejuvenation + 1 Full Face Fraxel Laser + 1 area wrinkle relaxer (eg frown lines or crows feet)

IPL Addicts     Hair Removal - 10% off 3 or more areas
We know that IPL hair removal is addictive so when you get 3 or more areas treated at one time, we will take 10% off. 

Fresh & Fabulous     $800  Save $300
Great for acne scarring and smoothing fine lines and increasing collagen production
3 Full Face MicroPen Collagen Induction Therapy + Aspect Dr skin care Starter Kit

Nicely Filled     20% off any 2nd product used in one treatment or within 4 weeks
Dermal fillers (such as Restylane) are wonderful for smoothing out deep lines and restoring youthful contours. Sometimes more than 1ml is needed to achieve the best results.

Fraxel Laser: Twice as Nice     $1690  Save $300
The Fraxel 1927 has amazing results on pigmentation. Ideal for hormonal pigmentation, which often needs two treatments for best results.
2 Full Face Fraxel Treatments 

Fraxel for a Fraction     Save 20%
Fraxel Laser is a very effective treatment for acne scarring and improving lines and wrinkles, tone, texture and pore size. 
5 Full Face Fraxel's $3980 (Save $995)    5 Cheeks Fraxel's $3120 (Save $780)

Erbium Laser: Twice as Nice     $3315  Save $585
A powerful treatment with dramatic results, the Erbium ProFractional Laser is great for smoothing deeper lines and wrinkles while evening out skin tone and texture. 
2 Full Face Erbium Laser Treatments

Plasma Aplenty 1, 2 & 3 vials   Save up to $360
Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) harnesses growth factors from your own plasma to revitalise and firm crepey skin and fine lines.
1 vial : around eyes or mouth; 2 vials: full face, décolletage or hands; 3 vials: face and neck, or neck and décolletage.
3 x 1 vial $930 Save $150  3 x 2 vials $1440 Save $255  3 x 3 vials $1950  Save $360

PRP Boost   Save up to $310
Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) can be done as a stand alone treatment or do it after IPL or Fraxel Rejuvenation to boost your results.
1 x PRP vial $205 (Save $155)  2 vials $360 (Save $205)  3 vials $460 (Save $310)

* Packages cannot be used with any other discounts or promotions