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Brig's Erbium Blog - Day 1

Trish Hepburn - Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Showered & washed my hair as some of it had crusted around the hairline & eyebrows I cleansed it with gauze & water. Feels very tight, looks very puffy & swollen, bit oozy & pigmentation has gone very dark. Looks like I have a 2nd head!  

Off to Skin Resus for a Dimalux LED light treatment. This will help with healing & redness. Donna checks over my face to make sure it looks clean and free from infection & takes some photo’s.

I will write a little tomorrow & take some more photo’s and pop in to have my daily Dimalux  & one of our lovely Nurses will keep a close eye on how the skin is looking and healing. For the pain that I went thru, it really is tolerable & with the professional staff  that are @ Skin Resus you will be absolutely fine. Even on day 1 when I am looking & feeling my worst knowing exactly how it felt, I would do it all again & recommend it ( ha easy to say now it’s done & I won’t be needing another one)!

Keep watching & if any of our Erbium patients are tuning in I would like to say to you that I have the utmost new respect for you & thank you to everyone who wished me well.

Please send us your thoughts & story about your Erbium treatment experience @ Skin Resus, we would love to hear about it.

If your new & haven’t been to Skin Resus & are wanting to know more about the Erbium, gives us a call and make an appointment for a free skin consultation with one of our Registered Nurses. We would love to meet & have a chat about your concerns & our treatments. We have some before & afters too we could show you.

Have a great day all,


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