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Brig's Erbium Blog - Day 2

Trish Hepburn - Thursday, August 08, 2013

There’s a bit more swelling today – I virtually have 2 slits to peek out of! Face feeling a bit achy: obviously the more active you are it seems to swell & throb, so a restful day from now until all the swelling goes down . I’m cleaning the area 4 times daily and then applying Vaseline. This softens the tightness and helps to protect against infection.  

I made a big mistake forgetting to put my headband on before sleeping, so when I woke this morning my hair had gone onto both sides of my face caking into the Vaseline & skin that had dried overnight. We are ordering disposable headbands that we can send home with you & also we will include some disposable hair nets for your use to prevent this happening to you. Lots of flaking skin under my eyes  & top lip today quite gunky looking where David had done multiple passes, so Donna has given a good clean this morning before my LED treatment.

After your Erbium we send you home with a bag that includes some medication for preventing cold sores/ gauze/cleanser/post care instructions/Vaseline/spatulas/panadeine forte/disposable gloves/hair nets/headbands & moisturiser to use from day 4 so you have everything you will need to use at home for your post care.

Off home to relax. Have a great day, Brig x

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