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Brig's Erbium Blog - Day 5

Trish Hepburn - Sunday, August 11, 2013

I returned to work today (Saturday) and  had a lovely time catching up with our Erbium clients M, J & L (unfortunately I didn’t get to see you J, hopefully on Monday), as they popped in for their Dimalux LED light treatment. We shared our experiences, from the treatment through the days after, to where they are now - most left with only a bit of redness. I’m at the end of the line of healing as I was the very last Erbium David did before heading off on his holiday, however it won’t take long now. Lots of the old skin came off during my shower this morning revealing lovely new pink skin. Again just under the eyes and top lip are slower to come off due to the number of passes David did over this area.  

Trish suggested a morning tea for all our Erbium clients to catch up together and have a chat about our treatment - maybe clients who are thinking about having it done could join us too!  Enjoy your weekend :) Warmest regards, Brig x

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