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Brig's Erbium blog - Day 7

Trish Hepburn - Friday, August 16, 2013

The human body’s ability to heal is nothing short of Amazing. It is  just 7 days since having my  Erbium Laser treatment it’s looking completely clear - just a tiny bit of old skin still on my upper lip and below my right eye, plus a slight pinkiness overall. The texture & appearance is dewy & smooth, the lines have reduced remarkably & definitely firmer all over.    

I will have a couple more LED lights to help with the colour, but from now it will keep getting better in appearance & texture with the Collagen stimulation. If you are considering having it done, feel free to have a chat to me about it. I have absolutely no regrets and I really feel I have received BIG results :) I'm very pleased!Have a lovely evening, Brigx

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