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Trish Hepburn - Tuesday, August 06, 2013

About to take my pre Erbium medication consisting of Valium & 2 xPanadeine Forte then have my anaethestic cream applied 90 minutes before the treatment. 

Feeling relaxed now, David & Donna are ready to go we have just had a chat confirming my main concerns. David has given me a dental block & Donna my eye block this will ease the feeling of heat & pain. David targeted the dark pigmentation spots first then I had 2 raised bumps on my right cheek and the removal of a mole all gone just like thatJ didn’t hurt at all. Now we are ready to Erbium the whole face starting with the forehead moving then to the cheeks, upper lip (multiple passes) & chin, nose then under the eyes (multiple passes). As the eyes & upper lip lines and crepyness around the lower cheeks are my main concerns David has it a higher setting, I won’t lie it hurt quite a lot! Dave offered the gas which I was grateful for, it just took the edge of the remaining bit left to do. But it’s quick & Donna is there to talk you through it, hold your hand and praise you for coping, telling you exactly what is happening all the way. Amazing care, I felt in the best of hand’s with Dr Main who has now treated a lot of patients @ Skin Resus with the Erbium and Donna our Registered Nurse assisting , you can’t only feel that you are going to be just fine. 

The Erbium is a very strong, deep & thorough treatment that can be done quite specifically to deal with individual concern/s. It is done to a very personnel level David can turn it up higher/lower to what you can tolerate as we’ve noticed we all have very different levels of pain threshold. Some clients are like me quite surprised at the discomfort to others not feeling that it was uncomfortable at all even on a very high setting with repeated passes. My treatment was high to parts of the face and as I found it painful David was then able to lower the setting with multiple passes which I found comfortable and yet still achieving a very strong treatment.

All done now phew face is feeling very, very hot, Donna has kept the cool blower on me that you have on your face throughout the treatment it helps with the heat of the laser. I am feeling absolutely fine to go now and as I have had medication my husband has picked me up. By the time we got home (10 minutes) the heat had subsided and no real pain. I had 2 of cups of sweet tea & was looking forward to my dinner. I experienced no further discomfort, no shivers or shock and needed no further medication and slept very well. About 2 hours after the treatment I had some weeping, I cleansed with water & gauze & applied a thin layer of Vaseline to keep the skin moist overnight. I also slept with a headband which kept the hairs from going on to the face overnight. And a cloth to stop the drips from a little oozing whilst I watched TV. 

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