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The Fab Feb Sale is here!

Jenna Hepburn - Friday, February 03, 2017

Fab Feb - 20% off all cosmetic treatments, skin care and makeup!

Did you know that every school holidays a mother grows 5 new wrinkles? OK, this may not be a scientific observation. After dropping the kids at school this morning I caught my reflection in the rear view mirror (never a good idea – car mirrors are so … VIVID?!). 

I hadn’t put my make up on or brushed my hair and had that frazzled look may of us have when the back to school routine returns. A quick scan revealed new blue under eye circles, several new wrinkles (after school holidays, they’re not laugh lines), three rogue chin hairs and a faint moustache. Does this sound familiar? 

What perfect timing for Skin Resus' Fab Feb sale. For the whole of February, take 20% off all cosmetic treatments, skin care and Jane Iredale makeup. 

For us mums, this is where the new year really starts. You’re fab, it’s Feb, new year, new you. 

Not sure where to start? Come and have a latte and a free consultation with us in Floreat. 

 A few extra crows feet? 20% off wrinkle relaxers

Rogue chin hairs or a faint moustache? 20% off IPL hair removal 

Under eye circles? 20% off dermal filler   

 Whatever cosmetic treatment or product you've been thinking about, it's 20% cheaper this month at Skin Resus.   

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