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Forever Young? by Dr David Main

Trish Hepburn - Friday, March 09, 2012

The most common question I get asked is this: what is the best treatment to fix the effects of sun-damage and ageing changes of the skin? It is often put in a different way though, such as, what can you do for wrinkles in the neck, or sagging jowls, or lines around the eyes, or blotchy discoloration?

Of course there is no single correct answer to this question, and indeed what works best is to combine a number of treatments over a period of time.

The key is having a program and sticking to it.

US Dermatologist Dr Patrick Bitter has recently shown us some fascinating photos taken over a 10 year period of his patients who have had 3 – 4 regular IPL treatments yearly. Most were in their 50’s when first treated, and well into their 60’s in the final photos. What was astounding was that after 10 years of ageing, the treated patients looked younger and a lot fresher!

I find the same with our patients, and I try to emphasise that there is not one miracle cure, but many! Regular IPL is a great foundation. This combines beautifully with your skin care regime using Retinol and Vitamin C, and maybe with our more specialised treatments such as photodynamic therapy for the over 40’s, or Fraxel laser for the younger person.

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