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Trish Hepburn - Sunday, June 14, 2015

Now that we've established that less is more, and more is sometimes scary, let me just say it - I love wrinkle relaxers and dermal fillers! There's nothing like a bit of filler to lift the face and plump out those deep lines, and wrinkle relaxers...  Well, smile lines can be lovely, but no-one needs a frown line.

One doctor at the recent ASAPS #NonSurgical_Symposium, US dermatologist Dr Hema Sundaram, was talking about using wrinkle relaxers with the aim of softening the movement, rather than freezing it altogether. I LOVE this idea. Dr Sundaram encourages her patients to have lighter treatments more frequently, so that it always looks nice and soft, rather than being all or nothing.  That's definitely our line of thinking at Skin Resus.


Here's an Instagram pic of me with my younger sister taken while I was in Melbourne for the symposium (I'm on the left). Gotta love wrinkle relaxers and fillers! 

Little note - my eyes look a bit weird only because I never know where to look on my phone camera!

Read more about dermal fillers or wrinkle relaxer treatments in our Perth clinic. 

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