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SkinCare Hero Number 2: Vitamin C

Trish Hepburn - Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Vitamin C is rapidly gaining a reputation as a essential of modern day skincare - and for very good reasons. There is now a huge amount of evidence (gathered over the past 20 years) to support Vitamin C as a powerful anti-ageing skin serum.  Its many effects include:

  • an increase in collagen synthesis, which helps to thicken the skin;
  • antioxidant activity, which reduces skin damage caused by free radicals that can be generated by pollution, the sun and cigarette smoke;
  • lightening of hyperpigmentation;
  • an improvement in the appearance of sun damaged skin; an improvement in fine lines and wrinkles;
  • fighting against tumor formation, which may help to slow down the development of skin cancers; and
  • increasing moisture content of skin by preventing moisture loss (through thickening the skin)  

The evidence also shows that to be effective Vitamin C needs to be in sufficient concentrations (greater than 5%) and in a stable form.  Ascorbic acid, which is the purest form of Vitamin C, is highly unstable and deteriorates with exposure to air and light.    

At Skin Resus we use and recommend the Active C serum by Aspect Dr. This contains 24% concentration of a relatively new Vitamin C derivative which is more stable and less irritating to the skin, and may also be a more powerful booster of collagen production.  And it's Australian made and very affordable at $129 - what's not to love?

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