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Why Fillers are my Favourite! by Ysobel Peters, RN

Trish Hepburn - Friday, March 16, 2012

I must admit that injecting the face has got to be the most favourite part of my job!

A face can be transformed into looking many years younger and, with the help of our friend “wrinkle relaxants”, even more years can be taken off.

Dermal fillers are used to create a natural lift, sometimes known as the ‘liquid face lift”. I prefer to treat clients in stages as it allows for the reduction in swelling and a more accurate canvas to work from. Too much dermal filler looks terrible. Take Lindsay Lohan for instance.    


Once an attractive girl, Lindsay has been transformed into someone who doesn’t even look like her. She has been overfilled and looks too rounded and un-natural and actually looks older than her years. A little lip plumping, some IPL to remove her freckles and maybe some Vital to help hydrate her skin would have been absolutely plenty.

On assessing a client, I always take into consideration age, skin health and weight loss. The deficit in fat loss is important to consider. As we get older our fat pads move which can create hollowing. Tear troughs and cheeks are generally my number one starting point. Those who have their tear trough treated will be happy that they don’t look so tired or drawn and it can improve the appearance of dark eye bags.  

Creating a natural fullness in the cheeks visually gives a more youthful appearance (the upside down triangle) straight away. Simply by lifting the cheeks slightly, correcting the angles in the face draws the eyes to the mid face and not the jowls.

In my experience, if used correctly dermal fillers are an amazing tool to correct the natural ageing process in the skin. They are nothing to be afraid of and should be considered as a preventative measure. No Lindsay Lohans at Skin Resus!!

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